Preconception Consultation

In this visit we will explore conscious conception, the importance of beginning our self love and self care practices prior to pregnancy, laying the foundation for optimal physiologic and emotional health during pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood journey. This will include a review of optimal nutrition, supplementation, exercise, pelvic fire, release, and sacred sex practices.

90 Minute Session: $165

Sacred Sex - Sacred birth

A sexual healing session for the expectant parent. We will explore sexuality, specifically the intersection of sexual self awareness, self pleasure, self exploration, sexual satisfaction, orgasm, pelvic release and the significance of each in pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

90 Minute Sessions: $165

Birth Trauma Healing Session

Experiencing grief, emotional pain, anxiety or PTSD after a traumatic or difficult birth experience? This is an opportunity to be heard, held and supported in the wake of a traumatic birth or postpartum experience.

90 Minute Sessions: $165

Postpartum Coaching

Midwifery support with an emphasis on emotional support, creative problem solving and strategizing to help you navigate the difficulties of parenting during the first and second years. We will work together to find attainable self care solutions, addressing your unique needs, simplifying systems within your home, and streamlining your time and energy management, to optimize your enjoyment of self, relationship and parenting. This package is optimal is you have struggled with postpartum depression in the past or believe that you are currently struggling with it. It is also recommended if you find that you are faced with any of these challenges:

-Loss of self

-Feeling alone

-Feeling unsettled

-Feeling tapped out and touched out

-Struggling with the seemingly impossible tasks of getting through each day

-Relationship or marriage stress, secondary to parenting

-Sexual dysfunction, pelvic floor pain, absence of libido affecting your relationship

Individual Visit Cost: $225 (2 hours)

The Motherload-12 Month Package: $3250


More Packages coming soon…