Tune In & Turn On (Sex Coaching)

This visit is for folks near and far, new and experienced, seeking to build or rekindle the fire within. In deepening our ability to love ourselves, seeing ourselves and igniting our own sexual spark we may begin to live in embodiment of our true power. From this place we gain the ability to root deeply and rise as the innately sexual being, human, parent, and partner that we are. When sexually ignited we may access our true potential, move in the world fearlessly and be unwavering in the pursuit of our dreams.

During this visit we will explore the unique struggles you may be facing, strategize and create a plan to support you in unwinding patterns of exhaustion, trauma, stress, and fear, that may be holding you back. You'll leave this visit feeling inspired and on fire, ready to make the necessary changes that only you can make. 

Office/Virtual Visit: $165 (90 Minutes)

Home Visit: $195 (90 minutes) 

Pelvic Healing

This visit is optimal for those struggling with pelvic floor pain, discomfort, prolapse, weakness or incontinence and seeking to explore to energetic and emotional factors at play. Learn how to engage with the energy of your root, gain simple tools and understanding of mechanisms for moving stagnant energy from your pelvic floor and begin moving into deeper spaces of love and trust in the foundation of your being. This is not a Pelvic Floor PT or GYN service and does not include physical manipulation or biofeedback.

Office/Virtual Visit: $165 (90 Minutes)

Home Visit: $195 (90 minutes) 

Annual Exams: A service for those seeking annual Reproductive health care

A health and wellness service for women at any stage of life. We will approach your reproductive health holistically, addressing each aspect of your physical, spiritual and emotional well being. Let's prioritize you, strategize and create systems for self care that support your overall wellness goals.  We’ll dive in together, exploring a wide range of health topics, including but not limited to:

Vaginal health, Pap Smear, Pelvic Floor Health, Fertility Awareness & Natural Family Planning, Contraceptive education, Breast exam, Labs & diagnostic screening for: anemia, thyroid disorders, hormonal disorders, sexually transmitted infections and more, Self-Care, Nutrition, Meditation, Mindfulness, Movement, and Sexual Vitality

I refer to additional complementary health practitioners for services above and beyond the midwifery scope, and for needed nurturing and loving by bodyworkers and practioners.

Office Visit: $165 (90 minutes)

Home Visit: $195 (90 minutes) 


Sexual Awakening (A sex education service for young women)

A service designed for teenage girls aged 14-19. You deserve well woman care designed to support you in gaining a deeper understanding of your changing body and igniting sexuality. Come visit with me to explore learning about your bodies’ rhythms, reproductive and sexual functions in meaningful ways that you can put to practical use. Be heard objectively in a space of non-judgement, ask unfiltered questions and be provided with unbiased information and answers. This service includes but is not limited to:

-Sex education: anatomy and physiology of the female reproductive system, sexual desire, masturbation, and safe consensual sex practices

-Healthy sexual relationships and consent

-Fertility awareness, menstrual cycle charting, how and why?

-STD prevention

-Pregnancy prevention- referral for contraceptives (birth control) when necessary

-Risk based labs and diagnostic screening for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphillis, hepatitis, and HIV (for sexually active young women)

-Pap smears are no longer recommended for women under 21 years of age regardless of when sexual activity began (If you have questions about this, please don't hesitate to inquire with me for more information)

*Note: I offer this service on a sliding scale so as to make it available to everyone. When choosing where you or your family falls on this scale, please do so with honesty and integrity so that I may continue making this option available.

Office visit: $165 (90 minutes)